A Note from Rev. Mary-Beth

Please know that as we move through this spike in COVID numbers, your PUC Council is in ongoing conversations in regards to our worship gatherings and other PUC meetings and activities.

As you are aware, our worship this Sunday will be live-streamed (no in person) and given the continuing spike, the plan is to continue live-streamed only for, at least, Sunday, January 16th- reassessing for the following weeks.


Our PUC Committees/ Groups are meeting as needed: either safely in-person following all protocols or via ZOOM: though some (eg. Grab & Go) are waiting until the COVID numbers decrease before resuming their ministry

So though we have pivoted once again, our work and ministry continues. Please note our PUC Office Hours- and feel free to call or stop by the Church. Also, if you need a listening ear or any assistance please do not hesitate to call me at the PUC Office, my home 902-485-4151 or my cell 902-759-1386. ps...If you become aware of a pastoral concern, know that I appreciate being informed. Do not assume I know, because often I do not. So I do appreciate your calls to 'let me know'. And, as always, THANK YOU for all your support and care.