Open Doors

Opening Minds

Opening Hearts

A place of welcome...

A place of learning...

A place of exploring…

A place of laughter…

A holy place...

A people of faith making a difference
in our community and our world

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Open Doors

Opening Minds

Opening Hearts

Sunday Gatherings - 10:30 AM

47 James Street, Pictou, NS

Our Mission

Within the congregation of Pictou United Church we are committed to...

Providing a place and atmosphere that will enhance spiritual growth and encompass all ages;

Celebrating and nurturing our Christian faith through meaningful worship and music;

Enhancing a spirit of fellowship and faith development through events and programs that acknowledge and affirm the gifts and talents of all;

Sharing with God in ministries of care and outreach within and beyond the community to create a just world for all.

Upcoming Events

Event Date: Monday August 03/20 - Monday September 07/20
This Summmer our Nightly Moment for All Story-Times Continue...

Join us at 8pm on our PUC FaceBook Page for our Nightly Story Time- some new-some lightly viewed.

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Event Date: Thursday August 13/20 - Thursday August 13/20
PUC Kitchen Party Ceilidh with Amelia Parker

Join fiddler Amelia Parker and her musical friends for an evening of song, dance and toe tapping fun.

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Event Date: Sunday August 16/20 - Sunday August 16/20
It's an Online Road Trip Sunday

Hit the road and enjoy worship around the corner or across the sea! Rev MB's suggestion list can be found under 'Worship Resources' -

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